You died for me, Now I get to live for You.

You know the song Reckless love? It is one of the best songs ever written in my opinion. It clearly brings out God’s love and how tangible it is in the most practical way. Okay, that did not make sense but I love how God loves. I was overcome by such overwhelming feeling of God’s love after watching and pondering upon a movie that depicts the story of Ruth and Naomi. It is a beautiful love story and God has shown me like Lisa Harper always says, the Bible is a love story. It is true!

God loves us without expecting anything in return from us other than to receive His love and make it ours, this is shown in Mark ch6 where it is shown that Jesus was in His hometown and He was limited. Most preaching tells us that we limit God’s Power and they refer to this text in ch 6 of Mark, and it is true however we fail to realise that limiting God’s All Sovereign and All Mighty Power is nothing compared to limiting His Love to work in our lives. God is love, we see this by how God the Father willingly gave His Only Son to die for our sins and use His righteousness to make it ours so that we can be reconciled to Him as His sons and daughters. Jesus in Mark Ch6 vs 1-6 wants to love on people, He wants to show His hometown the love that other towns and areas are experiencing from Him. He is not just our Healer but He loves Healing us and is one of the many ways He makes us experience His love. He provides for us because He loves us and He takes pleasure in loving us and showing us what true love is.

1Cor ch13 is the chapter of love and the Holy Spirit made me feel His love and reminded me that it is tender and not hard, I know He made me experience His love in tenderness because I am so often hard on myself because I believe if I am hard on myself or love myself in a hard way then if others love me with the so called “hard love” which is loving someone by teaching them a lesson or giving the “tough love” then I would not get hurt or would become less sensitive to it because Id have practiced it on myself first. Now God Himself reminded me and actually made me feel it in His presence His tender love, it is not rigid, it is not self-serving, God does not love me for what I can do for Him, He does not love me because I am saved by Him, He does not love me because of my actions, His love is limitless because He is Love. He defines love, the definition of Love in its pureness is derived from God. He loves us even when He knows we are going to reject Him.

The verse in Mark ch6 where it is written that Jesus marveled because of the people from His hometown’s unbelief is amazing because what could surprise God? nothing! yet Jesus marveled at how people chose to reject His love when He was willing to love them beyond themselves they rejected Him. Jesus loved Judas knowing that Judas will betray Him, God the Father gave His Son up His Only Son to die for our sins knowing that some will reject Him! Yet it is awesome to know that our rejections does not stop God from reaching out to us and loving on us, remember God is not forceful, satan is. God will not force His love on us yet He will always be ready to pour out enough of His love to make us not lose hope on love. He loves us beyond ourselves and chooses to do it, Jesus was not forced to die for our sins, He loved us past the pain He felt and the ridicule and embarrassment.

In that Reckless love song it is said that God is not concerned with what He gains or loses by loving us, He simply chooses to do so because He is Love, He hates sin but God is incapable of not loving us it is not in His nature. He simply loves because He is…

God has given us EVERYTHING in Jesus and continues to give us His Love in its purity and how He created it, just because the world messed it up does not mean He loves us any less or His love has altered over the years. He loves you and will never unlove you it is impossible for God to unlove when He is love.

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