Jesus loved me into a relationship with Him.

This title was given to me by the Holy Spirit Himself reminding me of how I am saved and preserved by Grace only. God has had to remind me over and over again that I am no longer under condemnation in Jesus Christ, what that means in simple terms is that I am found innocent and not guilty of sin in God’s sight. So why is it that people especially Christians condemn themselves and others so much? for instance if I got saved around the same time with person A and it so happens that I no longer desire to go to clubs like I used to before I got saved, but person A still wants to go clubbing then why should I condemn person A? I grew up in a church that could condemn you and kill your spirit slowly. But I have learned with my own walk with God that I got saved solely because of the Grace of God and His love made me empty me of myself and repent for what I needed to repent on.

Repentance was such a scary word for me, for a while it crippled me particularly before I got saved, but the Holy Spirit has revealed to me the beauty of repentance and how necessary it is. I mean I am a full blown Christian and God still leads me into repentance but this time my attitude has changed because I have seen what repentance has done for me. God is Love and because He is, we get to repent willingly without the feeling of being condemned. As the Holy Spirit continues to renew our minds and transform us, a lot of repentance will take place but because He does so with love repentance is always welcome because of the freedom thereafter.

The chapter in Matthew 19 there by verse 16 speaks about the rich young man and this is such an incredible verse because yet again we find someone who wants to be saved and righteous by their own might. The Holy Spirit reveals this verse as the man not being rich in terms of monetary value but rather in pride. He seeks to be saved because he has done all that the commandments of Moses requires, but because Jesus is God He knows that pride is also a form of sin and calls him out by saying he should go and sell all that he has and give the money to the poor and that he will have riches in Heaven and from there on follow Jesus. Remember the verse of those that are poor in spirit will inherit the Kingdom? well Jesus implies that the man is prideful and that he should become poor in spirit hence He proceeds to say it is difficult for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus is not against being rich, if anything God is against poverty, but He means that if being rich causes us to not need God then we must much rather be poor because a person who does not see the need for God will not see the need for Heaven, they will think that since their riches has gotten them things here on earth that those very riches will get them to Heaven.

So further on to verse 26 we all love this verse and speak it for many different reasons, but the Holy Spirit said that when Jesus said This is impossible for human beings, but for God everything is possible when He answered the question Who then can be saved? It simply means we as human beings will never be able to save ourselves and enter the Kingdom of God. We can never obey the commandments of Moses and even if you do; like the rich young man said he did, It will never get you to be righteous or saved to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Rather it is Jesus Only that can save you and make you righteous enough to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus said everything is possible with God even saving us that means we should accept His offer to save us because He has already done it on the cross. So why try to save yourself which will yield no results because you will fail every time, rather than letting the Saviour save you? God truly loves us into salvation and we see His heart in it.

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