Take the focus off of me to God

I really want to say that it is easy to focus on God but I would be lying, everything in us urges us to focus on ourselves, on our strength, abilities, challenges, the external things really and in most cases on things that we have no complete control over. The accuser wants us to place our focus on our weaknesses, incapabilities and flesh because taking our focus off God makes us sink just like Peter. I almost rejected God’s blessing because I thought I was not able and did not qualify, I was scared but then I read what God said to Isaac in Genesis 26 when He said for Isaac to not go to Egypt but to remain in the land where there was famine. God told Isaac to remain in the place where he wanted to run from by promising Isaac that He will be with him and will bless him.

Now God did not tell Isaac to do the one thing he did not want to do and promised Isaac that everything will be okay and that the famine will end etc. but rather God gave His Word as insurance to say that He will be with Isaac and on top of that will bless him. I can understand now that God has me in places that scare me and gives me opportunities that terrify me because He is able to. God does not bless me based on my capacity or knowledge or anything that has to do with me really but solely based on Him and what He can do, nothing is hard for God in fact for God it is so easy because He is God. He is Sovereign and All Powerful He is Self Sufficient, now placing my focus on God gives me strength and courage. It does not have to scare me because my God is able.

He calls me to do things that are far beyond my reach because He is with me and will bless me, God promotes me because of Him meaning I will do this thing that scares me because God is with me and will bless me not because I can do this thing or have the wisdom or resources for it but solely because God is with me. Him being with me places me at an advantage, Him being with me makes me victorious, His presence brings me peace I do not have to fight or defend myself because He will do that for me and even exceed my expectations. He is the focus not me.

Where were You oh Lord?

Often times when experiencing tragic situations or things that hurt us beyond our comprehension we like to question God and His presence. As if He is only with us during the comforting and great times but God changes not. I experienced something traumatic in the last week and my first thought was why did God allow that to happen, the response that the Holy Spirit gave me is that God was still in control even in that tragedy, Just like God did not prevent Daniel and his mates from being thrown into the fiery furnace what God did was much greater as He showed His reliability even in our worst situations. God protected them in the fire!

I like to ask God to take control in my life, and so I should right? but at times our human pride like to think that we are the ones in control, thus when we experience situations where we have no control over we wonder if God really is in control when in actual fact He has been in control all this time and still remains in control in impossible of situations. God is glorified more in circumstances that are impossible, where it is vivid that I took no part in that, but those situations do not happen often, so we overlook the fact that God is in control even when I am showering, or eating or washing dishes. Things that I believe I can do by my own strength not realising that no sis it is God who enables us to wash those dishes and even own those dishes to begin with.

So instead of questioning God’s presence, we should question our reliance and dependance upon His Spirit that is in us and that surround us, He is reliable and in control God is consistent at being God He is faithful and will always be there.

It is easy being God…

Before we go any further I would like to sincerely apologise for not posting much here, it is inexcusable and will not even attempt to justify my absence. But I come with Good News, God is still Good and He Alone is still seated on the Throne. He remains All Powerful, All Sufficient and in control, He indeed changes not! Now back to the topic at hand, it is easy being God, this sounds kind of controversial like how can someone say it is easy being God without them having experience what it is like being God.

Well my response is that no I am not God and I am glad that there is only One God who has been God from the very beginning, in fact He is the beginning and the end! I boldly say that it is easy being God because often times we like to reduce God to our size or a reduced image of Himself and thus making us limit God. For instance I was reading a psalm which David wrote to glorify God saying He parted Red Sea and spoke about all the Wow things that God has done including creating Heaven and Earth from nothing.

It dawned on me that God has been God forever, it is so easy for God to part the Red Sea because, of course the sea will obey its Creator. God did not sweat when creating the universe, He simply said “Let there be light” and it happened God did not have to exercise first or practice He is God, it is Who He is. I love that God does not explain Himself to Moses, He just said “I Am the Great I Am” God is limitless, doing miracles is something jaw dropping for us but for God it is easy and effortless.

I say we should stop limiting this Great God, and continue to trust Him for the impossible, because only in Him they become possible. He asked is anything too hard for Him? and certainly it is so easy for God to be God because that is Who He is.

Errr… How will You do it, God?

I enjoy writing and reflecting on this platform because when I write here It is normally after I go through some of the life’s pressures. Now this is just a disclaimer for this page but most times I come and write here after Homecell or when I realise that there is something the Holy Spirit continues to place in my heart but most times it is both. The Holy Spirit knows even when I do not voice it what gets to me, what goes on in my mind, my frustrations etc etc. and often than not I always tend to ask this question of how will God do something.

So for instance it could be something that I am struggling to fix and I would ask that question, or recently I know God has made a promise in my heart many years back and now I feel like God is taking too long and for a while now I have been trying to “help” God make His promise over my life come true. Typical human right? trying to figure out how God is going to do something so that I can have a sense of control! Yet God says in His Word that His thoughts are HIGHER than ours. Imagine a mere human being me trying to make sense of how the God that parted the Red Sea for the Israelites and paused time for Joshua will make His promises over me come to life.

I know I am not alone and we see this even from when Sarah laughed when she was told that she will have a baby of her own, we wear ourselves out trying to see how God will do something that we forget to enjoy the ride getting there, we think that for some reason there must be something wrong with us or the promise because it is not happening the way we planned or visualised it.

Well I will tell you, I am glad I serve the God of impossibilities, the Most High God, The Great I Am, All Sovereign All Knowing. That I can completely trust in His way, His timing and know that it will happen for His Glory. Even the process that leads to the promise is a journey of His Grace sustaining us. So I challenge myself and the rest of you to stop trying to be God and be the sheep that follow the Shepherd, He took into account our oopsies in His Master Plan for our lives anyway and He still chooses to Love us and Favor us because of His Grace.

So be encouraged to know that it will happen, in His own way, in His timing and for His Glory! in Jesus Name Amen.

Choice: Judas or Peter?

These two apostles play critical roles in the life story of Jesus Christ. Both Judas and Peter walked with Jesus during His ministry days, they both followed Jesus and experienced His teachings and acts. However they also have their own share of betraying Jesus during the time when He most needed support and it is easy for us to judge their betrayals toward Jesus because we think just like Peter, that we are above rejecting God, that it could not happen to any of us. Well that is untrue and we see it especially in the case of Peter, with Judas we can justify it and say perhaps his greed got the better of him or that satan entered him etc etc, but one thing is certain we need God in order to remain faithful to God period!

So pride lets us believe we are above certain things or mistakes that people in the Bible did because we “know” better, well scripture proves that often sin is committed by people who know better take for instance Eve we think we would not have accepted the fruit but we continue right now to sin against God with the very thing we repented from last night! Hence God warns us to not judge others lest He judges us well, and we all know that there is always something that we can get judged for hence that woman found in adultery was not stoned by even single person.

Now back to Judas and Peter we see especially in John’s gospel how they betrayed Jesus, John 18 specifies how Judas betrayed Jesus and was called the traitor and in the very act of this betrayal we see how Peter heroically cut an the ear of one of the persons brought by Judas to arrest Jesus. Pretty expected since we are of the view that Peter loved Jesus and would do anything for Him right? But why do we think that for some reason Judas did not love Jesus?

Peter also betrayed Jesus but this is unexpected because we see how he cuts someone’s ear off for Jesus’ sake and is seemingly the number one disciple of Jesus Christ however in the very same chapter 18 but down to verse 15 and 25 we see how Peter denies Jesus when He most needed a friend in fact Peter saw the hurt in Jesus’ eye when the rooster crowed the third time because Jesus did predict this beforehand and Peter denied it.

But what choices did these two men who betrayed Jesus do? One made a choice to give up while the other chose to not give up and in fact repent as a result of the love that Jesus Christ showed him scripture says Peter swam toward Jesus I guess he felt he could not get to Jesus fast enough, if you remember when Mary and them found that the tomb was empty they were told to tell the disciples and a special mention of Peter was made in Mark 16v7. Peter experienced the forgiveness and true love of God by means of His Grace when Peter least deserved it and that could raise a question that could maybe Judas have experienced the same forgiveness if he chose to stay alive? this proves that separation from God really results in death because Judas still loved Jesus but he did not believe that Jesus could love him past his mistakes hence the choice he made.

God is Good, Peter experienced His goodness while Judas chose to not believe in that goodness. Our choice should be to always believe and know that God is good despite how bad things seem.