So it has been a month since I have been this side and honestly so much has changed including my view of God. This is partially because when going through the journey with God you get to learn so much about Him and experience His realness for yourself and it is amazing because this builds up faith. In any case the Holy Spirit has been leading me recently to study the book of Romans and it makes me drool because of how good and delicious the Word is.

Apostle Paul teaches and reminds us that there is only one way to be saved and that is through Jesus Christ. He shows us that even from the beginning with Abraham being called righteous it was because of his faith in God, however our nature as humans finds it difficult to accept Grace because we believe that we always have to work in order to earn something. Fortunately for us Grace is not earned it is received, being called a child of God is based on His Grace because He chose us to be His, He chose to love us unconditionally and it was not based on anything we did, do, will do or never did.

He said His Grace is sufficient and I realized that in my flawed nature He responds with Grace, My performance for God will not make Him love me any more or any less He loves me because He is Love it is in Him it is Who He is we just have to receive it without thinking that there is a hidden motive behind His Grace.

God, I stand in awe of how amazing You are, You bring me fulfillment, acceptance, justification, identity and freedom. Most of all You chose to sacrifice Jesus Christ Your only Son, Father so that I a flawed human being who could never measure up, can dwell with You eternally and experience Your Glory. I love you and please help me to continue falling in love with You my Maker.

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