Identity, again!

My first blog for October 2022 so late in the month goes to show that I have been experiencing a rather challenging month in all spheres of my life. Spiritually, it has been a battle even now it is not a smooth sail however we have been promised that Jesus Christ has given us COMPLETE victory and I believe that is the reason for all this opposition. And I am to blame as well for not putting in the time with God that I should daily and my God knows how to put me back on track and last night He used Isaiah 43v1 to remind me of WHO I AM! truly and completely you know God knows what we need, as His children He knows us deeply, our tantrums, our drama, our needs, why we are awfully quiet and how to satisfy the need that we may have at that particular moment.

God seriously tailor-made us He made us in His likeness and yet created us with distinct personalities, needs and desires. When I feel down and discouraged sometimes, God knows whether I need a good meal, comfort or to remind me of who I am in His sight which is my true definition. God used this chapter of Isaiah 43 from verse 1 to 7 to remind me that I am His regardless of what I do and do not do. I could feel discouraged and God will know that His daughter needs His affirmation, so Isaiah 43 v 1 says: But now thus says the Lord, He who created you, O Jacob (O Palesa), He who formed you O Israel “Fear not for I have redeemed you; as I have called you by name, you Palesa are mine” and when I tell you I wept!, in the next verses God talks about how He will give up just about anything and any nation in exchange for His chosen ones and verse 4 makes me weak every time when God says “Because you are precious in my eyes and honored, and I love you”.

From a person who has struggled with identity issues and having had daddy issues when God my Daddy affirms me I literally break down and become weak in such a good way because He picks me up and strengthens me with His Mighty Power. He reminds me that He approves of me that He has accepted me and validates me to be His with the power of the Holy Spirit. When God says I am His and continues to remind me of this I genuinely stand in awe and fall in love with God all the more. Knowing that I belong to God and all that I am is His brings a sense of relief, joy and belonging. I am not just anybody I am somebody that God has chosen and continues to choose every single time in my good moments and bad moments it does not phase God.

Praise God in Jesus Name Amen.

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